About Parma Post & Pole - Idaho Fencing Products

Parma Post & Pole was started in 1982 by Walt Sterling. He attended an auction and ended up coming home with a peeler, tenoner, driller and 1972 Pettibone loader. Our family was officially in the post business. In the beginning it was difficult. My father and mother worked all day at the pole yard and on nights and weekends we built fence to make ends meet. Over the years the business grew and became more established in Southern Idaho.

In 1995 the call of the peeler was too much to ignore and my wife (Kristy) and I returned home to Parma to work at the pole yard. Things were pretty much the same as when I had left for college. We immediately began updating equipment and purchasing land for future use. Attending auctions and building equipment on our own saved a great deal of money. In 1999 we bought out my parents and the debt was officially ours.

From that point on things began moving very quickly. We built a new manufacturing plant, installed a blower system for debris removal and bought more equipment. Our biggest project was the construction of a 20 bay automated sorting system. All built in-house, it tripled our production and added only one employee. We then purchased a second peeler and production really took off.

Our latest project is a pressure treating plant. For the last 22 years we have been shipping all our wood out to wood treaters in Reno, Salt Lake and Portland and then shipping the wood back to Parma for sales. It became apparent that this was costing too much and causing a never-ending headache. We began construction in November 2004 and will be operational in March 2005. The chemical we have chosen is ACQ manufactured by Koppers. It is an arsenic-free preservative with very similar characteristics and the performance of CCA. Since this project was completed, we have been better able to service our customers and offer quicker order turnarounds.

In 2013 we celebrated our 30h year in business. Our growth can be attributed to our great customers. Word of mouth advertising has enabled us to ship wood all over the Western US. If you are considering a fence or need some questions answered, please don't hesitate to give us a call.