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2 Rail Fence

Doweled Wood Fences, also known as Western Rail Fences, are made from high-quality pressure treated pine rounds that fit together using a doweled end fitted into a mitered socket. Doweled Wood Fences are available in 2 rail, 3 rail and 4 rail configurations and are an attractive and durable improvement to your property, pasture, arena or stock pens.

2-Rail Fence

The 2 rail is offered with a domed or rounded top for a more ornate and decorative look. The line posts are 5′ tall and 5.5″ in diameter and the ends or corner posts are 5′ tall and 6.5″ in diameter. Our two-rail fence is typically buried 18″ in the ground with 3.5″ out and the center of the top rail at 3′.

Perfect for wrapping the front yard or decorating a driveway or private road, 2 rail configurations are generally used for aesthetic purposes, marking property lines and creating visible markers on pathways.

Please Call for an Accurate Quote and Delivery Options

In order to give you a price quote we need to know your total footage of fencing and how many ends and corners you need.