Idaho Buck Fences

The buck fence or Jack Leg is sold with the bark on, peeled and peeled and treated. We usually space the bucks every 11' and use 12' rails. We pre-notch the bucks (5' tall and 5-6" diameter) with a 60 degree angle cut 16" from the top; they are shipped unassembled. Usually 3 rails are placed on one side and then a rub rail on the other side is nailed in to keep animals from submarining under the fence.

Additional rails can be added and long jack legs produced to achieve different goals. It is necessary to add a diagonal every 4-6 sections from the top of one buck to the bottom of another to prevent the fence from racking over. We also recommend a short 4' rail at the bottom of the buck to keep the legs from spreading apart. This is a great fence when digging holes is difficult due to hardpan or lava rock.