Company History

1982 Parma Post and Pole is started by Walt & Myrna Sterling (my Dad and Mom)
1986 Mike (me) graduates from Parma High School and announces, "Goodbye Parma, I will never even have a pole fence around my yard!"
1987 Walt mails an 8'' fence post to me at the University of Idaho. Written on it in marker are these words: "Thou quittith thou peelith...Dad" A loving message to NOT drop out of college!
1987 I work for the Forest Service in the summer, fighting forest fires.I come home with a bumper sticker on my Subaru that reads, "Protect Our Wilderness." Dad just about disowns me.
1991 I graduate from college, get married and move to Seattle to work for Starbucks Coffee and open new stores.
1995 After moving with Starbucks to San Francisco and then Minneapolis, the call of the peeler becomes too strong to ignore and we quit our jobs and move home to Parma. Prior to this the famous fence post gets mailed to me in Minneapolis and Dad thinks it''s about the funniest thing in the world that I'm quitting Starbucks to come home to the peeler.
1996 The "new" double wide office trailer is moved on-site and we build a 40'x64' shop.
1997 We buy Mom and Dad out and they promptly move to Yuma, AZ for the winters and say, "send a check by the 1st!"
1998 Still on our original 3 acres, we buy another 22 surrounding acres.
2000 We build our new production building, set up a 24-unit chip bin and buy our first doweler.
2001 We build, in-house, a 22-bay log merchandising/sorting system.
2004 Idaho Wood Preserving, LLC, is formed and we build our new state-of-the-art pressure treating facility.
2007 We are awarded a Woody Biomass Grant through the US Forest Products Lab.
2009 We purchase Sportsman's Lodge Furniture and eventually rename it Red Mill Furniture.
2013 We build our new office, showroom and 20,000 sf furniture production building.
2014 We buy a sawmill in Castlegar, British Columbia, have it disassembled and then shipped to Parma. We start cutting rough-cut lumber, beams and timbers.
2015 We celebrate 33 years in business!