Welcome to Our New Site!

Thank you for visiting our web site and considering our products, we really appreciate it! We started in 1982 by my dad with one employee and now 30 years later, shipping wood all over the US our goal remains the same; produce a quality product! We have no outside sales force, we don't have multiple locations, we don't think bigger is better and we don't have a company jet!

Neighbors talk to neighbors, ranchers to ranchers and farmers to farmers. If you satisfy a customer's requirements with quality, value and great service they will tell others about the experience. Admittedly we have subbed our toes and fallen down. But, like all small businesses you pick yourself off, dust yourself off and learn from mistakes. Don't think your order is too small, large, complicated or too far away for us to handle, because we can and do every day.

Take a look at our new site, offer us comments or suggestions and give us a call.

Mike Sterling and Crew