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Idaho Lumber | Furniture Grade Wood

A Buck Fence, also known as a Jack Fence or Jackleg Fence, is a traditional rustic style of fencing which is great for many uses. It can be used as containment for horses and cattle. Buck fencing is versatile because you can build on myriad terrains, including rocky or other types of areas where it is difficult or impossible to drill post holes. Jack fencing requires no holes to be drilled and is a great option for easy outlining of your property. Just as this type of fencing is versatile, so too are our options.

The buck fence is sold with the bark on, peeled and treated. Typically, we space the bucks every 11’ and use 12’ rails. Our bucks are pre-notched 5’ tall and 5-6” diameter with a 60-degree angle cut 16” from the top. They are shipped unassembled. Normally, 3 rails are placed on one side and then a “rub rail” is placed on the other side to prevent animals from submarining under the fence.

Pine Furniture

Pine is a great wood to use in furniture for a number of reasons. Pine trees grow all around the world, and has a great deal of shock resistance and stiffness. Pine is also easier to work with and tends to be cheaper than other types of wood. Even though furniture made from pine is still heavy, it is still lighter when compared to woods like oak.

The coloring of the wood is lighter, from a creamy white, to white, to a yellowish color. This lightness allows it to be stained to achieve nearly any color you want, giving the wood a great deal of flexibility. In addition, the prominent grain and darker knots give the wood a distinctive look and helps it stand out.

There are some negatives to pine furniture, however. Pine doesn’t work well with a more modern style and will clash. Furniture made of pine will have increased signs of wear like dents and scratches. This can be repaired with proper maintenance and sanding, unless you prefer the aged look.